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LITAS For Girls is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that aims to inspire middle school girls to pursue careers in STEM. We don't just teach girls to code-- we teach them to code with a purpose. LITAS aims to mold girls to be the next generation of leaders in CS+STEM, with both the creativity to come up with game-changing ideas and the skills to implement them. By teaching teamwork, brainstorming, and presentation skills alongside computer science, the goal of the program is to build confidence in girls and give them the tools to use computer science to build something to better the world. LITAS’s curriculum is designed to reduce the dropout rate of girls in computer science by showing our participants the real-world impact they can have through their code. LITAS also puts on events where girls present their coding projects to industry leaders in technology, gaining mentorship and networking opportunities.

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Anvita Gupta

Founder & CEO

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Suhani Patel

Curriculum Development

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Anisha Singh

Public Relations Manager

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LITAS Shortlisted for Nature Research Awards

We are delighted to share that LITAS For Girls has been shortlisted for the Nature Research Awards in Innovating Science! We have been chosen as one of 5 shortlisted applicants globally for our achievements in guiding young women in STEM.

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LITAS Making Impact in Panchkula, India

Over 200 girls and 4 teachers participated in the LITAS workshop at CLDAV, Sector 11 Panchkula, India. Over 98% of the girls said they would be interested in continuing with computer science and our training modules in our platform!

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Workshop at the Shri Ram School, Moulsari

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LITAS Certified Program: She STEMs in Fremont, CA

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March LITAS Workshop at IIT Madras

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LITAS Mentorship Feature: Ria Vora & Katherine Kurtin

One of our LITAS certified clubs recently interned as a business development intern for eight weeks at Neolth under Dr. Katherine Curtin, a Behavorial Neuroscientist specializing in Integrative and Behavioral Health and a mentor for LITAS for Girls.

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LITAS Launches COVID-19 Taskforce

LITAS For Girls has recently launched a series of virtual seminars for middle and high school girls, focused on how data science can be used to combat pandemics such as the COVID-19 pandemics. The organization has also assembled the LITAS COVID-19 taskforce, a virtual community of students from around the globe working on original projects to combat COVID-19.

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LITAS Team Builds App for COVID-19 Tracking and Info

A team of high school students from the LITAS COVID-19 Taskforce recently built a webapp, called the "COVID-19 Zip Code Decoder" to help users retrieve information about the COVID-19 outbreak in their area based on their zip code. The COVID-19 Zipcode Decoder was built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and deployed online by the students to be freely and widely available. The app is available on Github and online at https://tinyurl.com/covid19-zipcode-decoder.

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LITAS Certified WeCanToo program and Khushi Gupta Interview

Celebrating the successful completion of the LITAS Certified WeCanToo Program + Interview with LITAS Leader Khushi Gupta

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LITAS Guest Speaker: Dr. Maria Wendt

LITAS for Girls hosted the first guest speaker of our Distinguished Speaker Series, Dr. Maria Wendt, Head of Biologics Research at Sanofi US and Global Head of Digital Biologics Platform at Sanofi.

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