Chapters and Programs


WeCanToo (Virtual, Nationwide)

Club Heads: Khushi Gupta, Aarya Dharm, Leela Banerjee, Donna Prince, Lily Baker

The mission of WeCanToo is to guide middle school girls on how to make a website from scratch on using Bootstrap. They will acquire basic skills in HTML and CSS to program their website, as well as an introduction to GitHub to publish their completed work. Along the journey we hope to instill real-life time management and planning skills as well as nurture a passion for engineering.

AISpectra (Mountain View, CA)

Club Head: Aroshi Ghosh

AI Spectra is a student run organization focused on bringing structured hands-on interactive workshops to middle school students and spark an interest in Artificial Intelligence and its applications across disciplines like art, environment, music, language, and fashion. The focus of this outreach program is to promote a diversity of viewpoints to create a humanistic model of AI without bias

Girls in STEM (Palo Alto, CA)

Club heads : Nisha McNealis and Ria Vora

Girls in STEM  is a club dedicated to involving more girls in science and technology-related fields. They host speakers, plan events, and organize team-bonding activities to get members informed and excited about pursing careers in STEM.  They provide members with resources to enable them to self-learn as well as provide them with the necessary mentorship.


She Codes Art (Bellevue, WA)

Website :

Club head : Savitha Srinivasan

It is a non-profit which teaches CS fundamentals through art-related activities to women and underrepresented minorities. Their mission is to combat the lack of diversity in tech fields by increasing interest in computer science. This will be accomplished through inspiring girls and other historically underrepresented minorities with the creative possibilities of art and computer programming.

The Girl Code (New Delhi, India)

Website :

Club head : Samriddhi Agnihotri and Japnit Ahuja

The Girl Code takes a step toward balancing the gender ratio in the tech industry by providing an online platform to girls to learn programming, and hosting workshops to reach out to young students. It does so by developing confidence, curiosity as well as fostering a community of young female programmers.

LITAS Mission San Jose (Fremont, CA) 

Club head : Vandana Chari

The LITAS at Mission San Jose will teach young women Arduino Programming, Web Development, and Python. Students will also participate in hackathons where they can apply their knowledge to real-world problems.

LITAS Basis Chandler Chapter   (Chandler, AZ) 

Club head : Khyati Raka

The BASIS LITAS team will focus on coding and creating websites with the help of ex-student ambassadors of the program. They will be building apps with applications in third world countries. With female tech leaders to inspire and motivate the students, this club will make it sure that women in STEM fields are not only encouraged but also supported with the tools to handle challenges that come their way.

She STEMs (Alameda, CA) 

Website :

Club head : Ashley Chu

This club makes sure that students get hands-on experience by making them work with hardware to solve problems in the community. They organize themed "crash-course"-styled workshops to connect with students directly instead of a lectured approach. Throughout they work in pairs together to develop mini projects.  

Cyber Empower Team (Palo Alto, CA)

Club head : Isha Rajput

The Cyber Empower Team is a group of passionate high school students from Gunn High School who are working towards increasing computer science education among the younger generation. Through engaging and interactive summer camps for girls, the Cyber Empower Team hopes to dispel the myth that CS is for males only, and inspire young girls in grades 6-8 to explore and study the field further. 

Tinkering with EV3 (San Jose, CA)

Club head : Anwesha Mishra

"Tinkering with EV3" is a club that allows kids to express their creativity through robotics. These tinkerers learn how to work with people older and younger them. They understand how to teach peers on a subject aside from actually building. Kids work on difficult challenges in a time-constricting scenario. They are taught key attributes such as teamwork, cooperation, patience, and accountability. Kids learn concepts like block programming and design.

MySTEMpowerment (Phoenix, AZ)

Club head : Mariia Shevchenko

MySTEMpowerment in Phoenix, AZ emphasizes learning computing through community outreach, research, computing, universal design, and creativity. At the start of the program, all young women will be asked what they would like to change about the world. Subsequently the young women will learn about the inner workings of computers and introductory to solve the problem they are trying to solve. As the slogan goes: Coding the future in all the languages of inclusion.

Storytelling with Scratch (Palo Alto, CA)

Club head : Supriya Lall

This club aims to teach programming to elementary school girls of ages 6 to 10 in Scratch using CS First, Google's storytelling curriculum. The girls will be able to create their own stories by the end of the program about problems in their communities and propose possible solutions while developing their presentation skills.

LITAS CLDAV Public School (Sector 11, Panchkula, India)

Led by teachers Nitish Medhullia and Vandana Ahuja, the LITAS chapter at CLDAV serves over 200 students from grades 6th - 11th.

LITAS Oakridge School (Mohali, Punjab, India)

With Ms. Sumanjit Kaur in charge,they are the newest members in the LITAS family. As part of their Oak Inspire On series, 6-12th grade students will be exposed to opportunities and careers in the field of STEM. 

LITAS Sewa Bharti (Sector 7, Chandigarh, India)

This chapter impacts women from middle school all the way postsecondary education, helping them with skill development in computer science, job searches, and more.

Past Programs

Coding Club (Phoenix, AZ)

Club head :  Laura Lu

This program incorporates both coding and entrepreneurial skills for solving real-world problems. Girls are taught the basic skills of coding and then tasked with projects of their own, with a presentation at the end of the term. With students in grades 6 - 12 they hope to encourage girls to pursue careers in STEM.


Reedbotics (Sparks City, NV)

Website :

Club head : Alex Marsh

Reedbotics is a high school robotics team that participates in the FIRST FTC league. As a group they strive to provide for our community just as much as they provide for their competition. It's a club filled with members of varying backgrounds and skills that all come together to design, build, program, and ultimately drive two unique robots to use for competition during the season.

Girls That STEM (Nashville, TN)

Club head : Miracle Awonuga

Girls That STEM is a newly initiated program in conjunction with the AspireIT program and the National Center of Women and Information Technology. Its main aim will be to promote coding fundamentals to girls in grades 7 to 10 in the Metro Nashville Public Schools system using a block based algorithm curriculum.